Stocon SPT Thumbholestocks Perfect when handling - perfect when firing

Our company was and continues to be the trailblazer in the manufacturing of thumbhole rifle stocks for many models of weapons!

More than once, we have had thumbhole rifle stocks in our product range when even the manufacturers of the corresponding weapon models didn’t have any.

We are very proud to be able to highlight our production of many hundreds of thumbhole rifle stocks. This very clearly illustrates our experience.

Freehand shots are often requested, particularly when drive hunting, when in the mountains or when hunting abroad. Here, the grip-holes will stabilize the weapon considerably, which will automatically contribute to a higher level of precision.

Our perfectly formed pistol grip will guarantee the same firing position every time, even in the case of rapid firing, and the finger will automatically lie exactly on the trigger.

If you cannot find a suitable stock for your weapon model, then please send us an enquiry - in most cases we will be able to help you further.


Steyr Loch zugeschnitten


  • Height-adjustable cheeckpiece
  • Longitudinally adjustable rubber recoil pad
  • high woodgrade
All stocks offered here are made at our own workshop and are compatible with the specified gun types.


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